Integrated Wealth Protection

MacKelvie Frech was designed for the busy professional and High Net Worth (HNW) family. The principal, Andrew Frech, grew up the son of a medical doctor (MD) which illuminated that even highly educated professionals are in need of financial counsel in their affairs. To provide truly integrated wealth protection requires a holistic plan that encompasses all aspects of your financial affairs –  Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Trustee Management and Insurance Integration – without which financial inefficiencies will needlessly erode your return on capital (ROC). Through the distillation of more than 20 years of specialized education and over 15 years of real-world practical experience, MacKelvie Frech Principal, Andrew Frech has designed a holistic process to eliminate such inefficiencies.

“Knowledge compounds. Investing success is available to all individuals of sound mind and intellect. All that is required is unbending intent and the commitment to devour hundreds of pages per week, for at least 1000 weeks, at which point the causality of events becomes perceived. At this point an investor can claim to offer and provide wealth protection.”  — Andrew Frech

Tax Planning

Effective strategies for the management and preservation of wealth

Estate Planning

Ensuring assets pass to intended beneficiaries while minimizing taxes and costs

Trustee Management

Administration of property and assets for the continuity of intergenerational wealth


Insurance products may offer peace of mind, helping you take steps to avoid perils

Financial Economist vs. Financial Advisor: What is the Difference?

Financial economics is a branch of economics that analyzes the use and distribution of resources in markets in which decisions are made under uncertainty. Financial decisions must often take into account future events. Just as a radiologist is expertly trained to read medical data, financial economists use economic data and create economic models to base portfolio decisions upon. Many financial advisors do not have the educational background or proficiency to call themselves experts in the field of finance, nor economics. MacKelvie Frech prides itself on its assertion that each portfolio is solely designed only by Financial Economists.


The advisor report can be viewed directly on the IIROC website at: Simply type the name of the license holder and the report will be available for your review.

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